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Introduction of SCM technology into sensor design based on the current situation of sensors

Author(s): Yiwu Peng, Qiang Li

The characteristics of single chip microcomputer (SCM) technology are mainly manifested on its ability to covert the output signals collected by sensors efficiently, and correct the corresponding linear error at the same time so as to improve the measurement precision of sensors continuously. In this study, first, effective introduction to the working characteristics of the sensor is carried out, which demonstrates the function and value of sensors in the industrial production process clearly. Second, more intuitive diagrams and discussionsof the working principle of the sensors are utilized to make the basic working routes of sensors clear and effective. Third, specific research on the function of SCM in the sensor and its working principle is conductedthrough effective discussions of the specific application process, which further improves the application value of SCM technology in sensors. After that, a specific introduction mainly focused on the practical circuitis made, and effective investigation is conducted by combining the generation of correction data and the formation of an EPROM address. Eventually, based on specific application of SCM in the design of sensors, in-depth research is conducted, and the improvement of stability and anti-jam capability is studied specifically. The above is the basic technical route of the research process, which gives full expression to the main content of this study and contributes to the carefulness of the investigations and discussions in this study, and furthermore lay solid foundation of the embodiment of SCM technology’s industrial value.

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