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Introduction and analysis of three typical logistics financial innovation service modes under the guidance of logistics enterprises

Author(s): Ziqiang Wu

With the continuous development of times, the relationship between logistics enterprises and financial sector has undergone a subtle change gradually. The integration of them has certain services function, so as to provide a more convenient and efficient service for business operation among the supply chains. In this study, firstly, it carries out the specific research according to the moral content involved in the logistics financial services model innovation and it starts from the innovation perspective of the operation modes to discuss the advantages of the three operation modes so as to get the existing innovation of these three operation modes. Secondly, it combines with the logistics financial operation mode of chattel management to deepen the traditional logistics financial services modes effectively and to enhance the service function innovation of the mode to make the financial sector and logistics companies form a tighter supply relationship. After that, it carries out a specific research process for the logistics financial operation mode based on risk management and makes a deep exploration to the relationship characteristics between the logistics enterprises and the financial sector from the perspective of risk management, so as to fully reflect the promotion of the development of time to the logistics enterprises and the financial sector. And finally, it discusses the logistics financial service model innovation specifically, which fully embodies the time characteristics of the logistics financial service mode. This is the main idea of the study, in which the ultimate purpose of the study and the main research content can be seen.

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