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Interactive control of land use intensity for hierarchical regulatory plan.

Author(s): Quanhua Hou, Wenhui Wang

With the implementation of technical systems of "total constraint, hierarchical control, partitioning equilibrium " which is under the full coverage of regulatory control, land use intensity, as a core aspect of regulatory plan, its scientific and rationality of indictor become to be the focus. In order to find a reasonable method of regulatory control to determine the intensity of land use, the paper elaborates different forms and characteristics of land use intensity in all aspects of hierarchical control, summed up by theoretical, empirical analysis and other methods to study the interaction between them. The results show that there is a mechanism of "longitudinal control, lateral balance" between the intensity of land use in the three levels of regulatory control, and different levels’ attributes determine the different factors and then act on appropriate indicators of intensity at every level, thereby it can affect the determination of volume ratio at the appropriate level. Based on this, the article found the interaction mechanisms of land use intensity in hierarchical control, made its determination method, and completed the test in case study. The research has certain reference value on the quantify of land-use intensity indicators of hierarchical control and also can provide a reference for the control of land-use intensity of regulatory plans.

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