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Innovation design and operation control method of the minimally invasive vascular interventional surgery robot system

Author(s): Yang Xue, Wang Hongbo

A novel minimally invasive vascular interventional surgery robot system is proposed. The system includes a positioning arm, a catheter interventional device and itsmanipulation device.Anewoperation control method for the positioning arm is presented, which is to drag a six-dimensional force sensor fixed on the end of the arm. A six-dimensional force signal will be outputted and transformed into a position and orientation matrix respective to the positioning arm. A fictitious joint is added to the arm with five-degree of freedom (DOF) in accordance with certain principles to change it into a six-DOF configuration. Using the obtained position and orientationmatrix to do inverse kinematic of the six-DOFmechanism, the inverse kinematic of the five-DOF mechanism can be obtained. Take these values as position control commands to the corresponding jointmotors to realize the motion control of the positioning arm.Anumerical example is given to verify the correctness of the proposed method. A master-slave system composed by a catheter interventional device and its manipulation device is proposed. The corresponding actions of every operation states and the master-slave control principle are given. The mapping relations between the displacement distances of the manipulation handle and the promoting finger and between the rotation angles of the handle wheel and the catheter/guide wire are described. By setting different proportionality coefficients, themulti-gear control can be realized.With the help of master-slave operational method, the doctors can do operations outside the operation room to protect themselves from radiation. Moreover, the systemcan realize force feedback which can help the operator to have force telepresence and to increase the sense of reality and immersion

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