Inhibition ofmTORC1 activity by natural ingredient of Ignatius beans

Author(s): Boohyeong Byun

This study screened a collection of >2,800 naturally occurring products and identified Ignatius beans extract capable of inhibitingmTORC1 activity. HeLa cells were treated with aqueous extract from Ignatius beans to assess the activity of mTORC1. Treatment of HeLa cells with Ignatius bean extract inhibits the enzymatic activity of mTORC1 as assessed by the phosphoylration of p70 S6K (S6K) at Thr 308 in HeLa cells. This plant seed extract also exerts inhibitory effects on the activation phosphorylation of Akt. In addition, flow cytometry analysis revealed that Ignatius bean extract causes HeLa cells to accumulate in G2/Mphase of cell cycle. Trypan blue dye exclusion assay was carried out to determine the cytotoxicity of Ignatius Beans. The plant extract was not overtly cytotoxic at doses that inhibit mTORC1 activity. These data suggest that Ignatius bean extract could be used as a potent inhibitor of cell growth and cell proliferation.

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