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Information technology application model in sports

Author(s): Fachang Wang

The economic development of the society promotes the use of information technology in various industries. In the new era, the contact of sports and the information technology becomes closer and closer, and all kinds of high-tech products are widely used in sports activities, such as: the location tracking system in long-distance running item, motion graphics technology, strongly interactive sports games, sports technology monitoring, diagnosis and intervention system based on the network information technology, etc. All these make the people who pursue leisure and entertainment experience fashion and the charm of science and technology when participating in sports activities. Meanwhile, they bring new momentum and information model for the sports development, so as to complete the various tasks in a convenient and quick way. In sports education, the use of information technology has changed the teaching process and pattern. PE teachers can use information technology to improve the teaching quality; adopt corresponding teaching methods reasonably, for example, the sports instrument of monitoring pulse, heart rate and energy metabolism. Using information technology to design the teaching process is a new mode of the future PE teaching, which can promote the sports education reform. So, the paper uses action research, literature, comparative analysis and other research methods to study the application of modern information technology in sports, to explore the status and role of information technology in Society and in teaching. According to the different groups in sports participation and the change of time and space, three integrated modes are constructed to introduce modern sports means. Adopt different teaching methods and contents to improve participants’ sports interest, sports knowledge and sports skills, so as to improve the sports effect and push forward the sports development

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