Influencing factor analysis of soccer’s scoring rate based on mathematical statistics analysis

Author(s): Nan He

With the continuous development ofworld football and themutual exchange and integration, the gap between the teams is getting smaller and smaller, the game ismore competitive, training requirements of each teamare higher, and the scientific training is the foundation to improve the level of the team. This paper conducts statistics and the relevant factor analysis on the 620 goals of 244 games in the 15th to 18thWorld Cup Finals, identifies the best goal area, and makes recommendations for offensive tactics. Through surveys the primary four factors influencing the goals are the shot area, the offensive way, the game time and the place kick goal. Then it conducts classified statistics on the 620 goals in accordance with the four factors, analyzes the data and finds out the reason of the laws. Finally, recommendations are made based on the rules, designed to make a contribution to the improvement of the football level and promote the development of football.

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