Influence of ions of different metals on growth and development of acidithiobacillusferrooxidans

Author(s): Zaynitdinova Lyudmila Ibrahimovna, Kukanova Svetlana Ivanovna, AripovTakhir Fatikhovich

Cultures capable to active growth at presence of 30 g/l and higher of Fe3+ in solution were obtained by method of consequent adaptation. It was established that AcidithiobacillusferrooxidansK-1is not inhibited by high concentrations of cobalt (20.3 mg/l), zinc (348 mg/l), nickel (58.25 mg/ l), but silver at concentration 100 mg/l and gold at 2.5 mg/l totally inhibit growth and development of this culture and its oxidizing activity. Influence of uranium ions on growth and development of A. ferrooxidansK-1 was studied. Comparative characterization of IR-spectra of A. ferrooxidans K-1 cells cultivated at different modes of cultivation (on medium with 100 mg/l of uranium and without it) was conducted.

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