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Influence factors and variance analysis of residential solar photovoltaic power generation in China

Author(s): Qing Guo, Huiling Song

As solar energy is inexhaustible, countries around the world strongly support the photovoltaic industry as the strategic industry of solving the energy and environmental problems which have become increasingly prominent, promoting the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry. Using the method of multiple linear regression, this paper analyzes the determining factors of residents choosing solar photovoltaic power generation. And the result shows that the propaganda education, citizen awareness and citizen preference significantly impact on China's residents' photovoltaic behavior. And then this paper uses the method of independent-samples T test to compare different types of residents' photovoltaic behaviors and variances of behavior determining factors on each dimension. And the result shows that there are some significant differences on the dimensions of citizen preference, citizen awareness and citizen behavior for the high-end residents (highly educated, high income and large housing area) and the low-end residents, and the former performance is superior to the latter; Male residents and female residents are significantly different on the dimensions of citizen awareness and citizen behavior, and the former performance precedes the latter; There exist significant differences on the dimension of propaganda education for the young residents and older residents, and the latter is better than the former. Based on the above analysis, this paper suggests to strengthen the propaganda education for solar photovoltaic power generation, improve citizen awareness to the solar photovoltaic power generation, and then guide the residents to prefer the solar photovoltaic power generation; According to different types of residents, make the different strategies to lead the residents' behavior for solar photovoltaic power generation.

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