Impact of amino-acids and their derivatives on biogas generated from anaerobic digestion of rice straw

Author(s): Aboul-fetouh E.Mourad, OsmanA.Osman,KamalM.El-Shaieb, RashaM.Tony

Anaerobic digestion of rice straw treated with three amino-acids (tyrosine, taurine and L-cysteine) as well as their isatin derivatives was carried out on a laboratory scale monitored through 14 weeks. The results indicated that fluctuation of the ambient temperature and amino-acids and their derivative treatments affected markedly the quantity of biogas produced. There was a significant increase in the yield of biogas produced in case of treatment of rice straw with these compounds that reached about 104% in case of taurine treatment relative to the sample free. Also, the results showed that these treatments resulted in a continuous generation of biogas even at low temperature. The findings indicated that the methane percentage in the biogas produced ranged from 21 to 67%. Fluctuation of biogas production was observed through the study as a result of climate changes.

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