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Identifying and Understandingfactors influencing farmers’ intentions on different forest management models in Sanming, Fujian

Author(s): Jinyu Shen, Xiao Han, YileiHou, Yali Wen

In attempts to foster sustainable forest management practices, farmers’ intention on choosing different forest management models has become widely recognized as a core issue in forest management. This paper analyzed factors influencing farmers’ intention on choosing individual household forest management, and joint forest management. Based on date collected through a household survey of 842 farmers in Sanming, Fujian Province using principal component analysis and multinomial logit model. Principal component analysis resulted in a three-factor the level of forest management, policy system and cutting index which accounted for 72.21% of the total variance. The results of multinomial logit model indicated educational level, the dispersion degree of forestland, the proportion of forestry income accounted to family income, the level of forest management, the number of household labor force and policy system were found to be the main factors influencing choosing the forest management model. Therefore, the government should fully respect farmers’ intention on forest management model and guide them to choose the suitable management model in local conditions. Strengthen support to joint forest management to promote the development of forestry should also be take into consideration.

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