Hypoglycemic and antioxidant activities of stachytarpheta jamaicensis ethanolic leaves extract on alloxan-induced diabetic sprague dawley rats

Author(s): M.H.Wan Rozianoor, Y.Nurol Eizzatie, S.Nurdiana

The aim of this study was to determine the hypoglycemic and antioxidant activities of Stachytarpheta jamaicensis ethanolic leaves extract. Measurement was done on the fasting blood glucose level and the catalase activity in alloxan-inducedmale SpragueDawley rats. 150mg/kg of alloxan was injected to each rat to create diabetic condition. Sixteen rats were divided into 4 groups and each group was consisted of four rats. Group I, Group II, Group III and Group IV received saline, no treatment, Stachytarpheta jamaicensis extract, and metformin (standard drug) respectively. The amount of dose of plant extract from Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) was determined as 200mg/kg for each rat.After 14 days of treatment, diabetic rats administered with plant extract marked significant reduction (p<0.05) in blood glucose level which was to 6.7 mmol/L aswell as improvement in catalase activitywhichwas 0.027 µmole/ min/mg pr.While for diabetic rats treated withmetformin, the fasting blood glucose level also reduced but not as much as diabetic rats treated with the plant extract whichwas reduction to 21.3 mmol/L and the catalase activity for diabetic rats treated withmetformin were slightly increased which was 0.019 µmole/min/mg pr. This finding suggests that S. jamaicensis gave promising result in lowering the blood glucose level and improved the catalase activity. In line with the GC-MS analysis, the presence of genipin and linolenic acid might be the contributing properties for hypoglycemic and antioxidant activities for S. jamaicensis.

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