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Human body tracking system application in gymnastics rhythmic player technical movement rotating posture analysis

Author(s): Yao Chen

The paper on the basis of analyzing modern computer visual system, it researches on gymnastics rhythmic players’ moving postures, in the hope of exploring players’ upper body each joint sports features through adjacent frames relations to provide theoretical basis of gymnastics perfect development and scientific guiding. The research in the purpose of human body rotating postures analysis, takes gymnastics rhythmic kind of events free rotation basic motions as research objects, focuses on analyzing stereoscopic vision tracking system designing method, and provides theoretical basis for camera calibration. Then, apply data to make internal parameters calibration on paper provided video camera, and design sports image analysis flow. Finally, it provides static state single frame image mark points analysis methods and adjacent two frames’ players’ body five mark points space location transformation relations, and sports state and sports process analysis methods, which provides experiment platform and theoretical basis for sports analysis guiding and stereoscopic vision tracking system perfect development.

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