High and low density lipoprotein cholesterols reference materials different dissociation degrees stability influence research

Author(s): Dan Xue

cholesterol rising are clearly cardiovascular disease independent risk factors. Therefore, demands on HDL-C and LDL-C detection system stability are constantly increasing. The paper just discusses on HDL-C and LDL-C detected methods, gets that current most universal applied and highest measurement precise method is homogenous method, on this basis, the paper designs A(HDL)/A(LDL)as specific evaluation indicators different reference materials represented HDL and LDL dissociation degrees experiments in automatic analyzer. By experiment result data, it is clear that:NUST-9 selectivity is not ideal, it cannot arrive at certain experiment demand ;NUST-6to HDL selective dissociation efficiency is not ideal; surfactant B-66 to HDL selective dissociation is good, and its suppression effects on LDL is good, when B-66 concentration is 6g/L, its suppression dissociation efficiency on LDL and dissociation on HDL are the best;With A- 90 concentration increasing, dissociation difference almost doesn’t change, and dissociation extent changes for HDL is very small, suppression dissociation efficiency on HDL is very well, but dissociation degree on LDL gets bigger.

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