Hepcidin-25 a well iron biomarker with prognostic implications in chronic kidney diseases

Author(s): V.Manolov, B.Bogov, B.Atanasova, M.Velizarova, V.Vasilev, K.Tzatchev

AIM: Hepcidin is a 25-aminoacid cysteine-rich iron regulating peptide. Hepcidin quantification in human serumprovides newtopics for the pathogenesis of disorders of iron homeostasis and its treatment. This study describes ELISA immunoassay for hepcidin quantification in human serumin chronic kidney disease. DATA:We use a sandwich ELISAmethod to quantificate serum hepcidin levels in healthy control group (n=60) and patients with chronic kidney disease (n=34). Including criteria for control group was no evidence of ironmetabolismdisorders.RESULTS:The sandwich ELISA was highly specific for hepcidin-25. We found that serum hepcidin levels correlate significantly between two groups 13.1 ± 8.7 µg/L to 90.7 ± 74.2 µg/L. Ferritin levels and hemoglobin concentration in reticulocytes correlated significantly to serum hepcidin levels (0.3 < r <0.5, p < 0.010). Transferrine levels showed negative and no significant correlation to hepcidin in serum(r=-0.111). CONCLUSIONS: The use of 2 monoclonal antibodies in a sandwich ELISA format provides a reliable, reproducible and not very expensive method for measuring serum concentrations of the bioactive form of hepcidin in laboratory practice.

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