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Hemicelluloses addition to improve the physical andmechanical properties of different pulps as a green procedure

Author(s): Essam.N.Ads, ,A.M.A.Nada,A.M.El-Masry

One of the most effective ways to prevent generation of wastes is to make sure that insofar as possible all materials involved in making a product should be incorporated into the final product[1]. In this work we use new trend “green Chemistry” which we isolate hemicellulos from agriculture waste and renewable feedstock as Bagasse and Cotton Stalks to prevent pollutions, use less hazardous chemical, saver solvents and auxiliaries. The aim of this work was to investigate the extent to which hemicelluloses and different fillers additives can be improved bymechanical and physical properties in both paper and viscose pulp. Hemicelluloses are extracted by aqueous alkali. Hemicelluloses extracted from holocellulose and from acid hydrolysis liquor (Liquor of Prehydrolysis). Viscose grade pulp from depithed bagasse; barked and debarked cotton stalks were prepared after prehydrolysis and pulping with NaOH. Bagasse, barked and debarked cotton stalks viscose grade pulps were bleached with green procedure and classical bleaching agents as well as the mechanical and physical properties were studied. The doses of bleaching agent in case of depithed bagasse pulp is lower than cotton stalks pulp. This is due to the higher lignin content in cotton stalks pulp. The addition of hemicellulose, during the beating process, to both viscose and paper grade pulps improved the physical and mechanical properties of produced paper sheets, where the breaking length increases from 2490 to 3050 m, Burst factor increases from7.6 to13.6 and Tear factor also increase 15.7 to 35.1 in viscose grade pulp (Low Hemicellulose content). We study the effect of adding different fillers such as Oxidized starch, polymer (polymin SK) and CaCO3 to bleached bagasse paper grade pulp and the Physicomechanical properties of paper sheets will studied.

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