Heat island intensity and distribution pattern in Xiamen, China and a field trial study on urban heat island mitigation based on low impact development strategies

Author(s): Jiping Wang, Xiongzhi Xue, Tao Lin, Meghan Annick Lablache

Remote-sensing satellite imagery interpretation was conducted to explore the thermal ground field distribution and the Urban Heat Island (UHI) intensity in Xiamen, China. Field trials and effective measures were explored to mitigate UHI effect. Jimenez singleband algorithm was used to inverse surface temperature of Xiamen based on TM+6. Data reveal surface temperature distribution reflecting characteristic distribution in constructed areas. Fixed-point field trials to mitigate the UHI effect were implemented and the sustainable development measures were first put forward based on Low Impact Development (LID) strategies. Results show that permeable pavement and lawn ground can help cool the surface temperature. Ecological roof, especially shrubs-planted roof, significantly decreases temperature, compared to areas with the traditional flat roof. These findings could be used as a reference for Urban Heat Island mitigation strategies.

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