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Grey relational degree method-based badminton development research

Author(s): Shaowei Dong, Qiusheng Guo

Badminton is a kind of large-scale national fitness kind sports event, it integrates appreciation, self-entertainment and exercise, is favored by broad masses. Therefore, research on badminton has very important significance in further developing Chinese sports and expanding its impacts. The paper starts from participated mass badminton participation ways, participation population age structure and population education background features, it studies mass badminton recent situations, points out that Chinese badminton has already been known bymost of people, almostwhole public joint into badminton exercising. Secondly, it analyzes Chinese badminton recent development, gets that Chinese badminton overall level is higher and has better performance inOlympicGames by comparing to other world sports powers.And utilize grey relational degreemethod to further analyze badminton striking and smashing technique relations with scoring rate and lose rate, by comparing correlation values, it gets that “smashing”, “lifting”, “blocking” are the main techniques, to get higher scores, it should master the craft of “smashing”, “lifting” and “blocking” techniques, meanwhile focuses on “net receiving”, “intercepting”, “high lobbing”, “hooking” and other techniques

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