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Green synthesis of nanoparticles molybdate doped with rare earth ion and its luminescence property

Author(s): Wang Jun, Feng Cai-ting, Li Quan-Liang

Nanoparticles calcium molybdate doped with Eu3+ were synthesized by sol-gel method, which were measured by DSC, XRD, SEM and PL to character the optimum calcination temperature, the crystalline phase, morphology and luminescence properties. The influence of pH and doping amount of Eu3+ on these nanoparticles was also investigated. The results showed that CaMoO4: Eu3+ (6%, mass ratio) prepared in pH value 7-9 and calcined at 700 oC became uniformly cubic crystal and exhibited red photoluminescence with strongest emission peak at 612nm by 258 nm excitation, which was caused by 5D0→7F2 transition of Eu3+. It can be predicted this CaMoO4: Eu3+ phosphor could be a potential phosphor material for white-light LED application in the future.

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