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Goal programming method-based Chinese traditional martial arts cultural protection and inheritance

Author(s): Lei Ru

With rapidly development of Chinese economy, martial arts culture has slowly fade out of people’s view, now some people only focus on profit,forget Chinese excellent traditional culture, such thought is quite bad for Chinese such extensive and profound marginal culture, therefore the paper takes it as entry point to study. The paper makes specific analysis of Chinese martial arts culture status, by studying Chinese recent years’ martial artists amount change and martial artists gender proportions, utilizing numerical analysis and data handling methods, and then finds out that present Chinese martial artists are decreasing by year, it should lay emphasis on cultivating martial artists of more high technology and high quality; establishes contemporary Chinese martial arts development influential relative factors models, by goal programming method and correlation analysis method, it studies martial arts events of masses most satisfaction, final it gets conclusions that: Taijiquan, Wing Chun, and nunchaku are martial arts events of contemporary residents most satisfaction. By above comprehensive analysis, combine with contemporary martial arts development, put forward relative suggestions to propel to Chinese martial arts development that contemporary Chinese martial arts development has many obstacles, it should expand its publicity, driving martial arts development by sports tourism, and then let masses to go deeper understanding about martial arts knowledge.

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