Fuzzy integral evaluation on team innovation capability based on team interactive process - Take enterprise's new product R&D team as case study

Author(s): Zhenzhou Tu, Xin Gu

Studies on team innovation has been the focus of scholars’attention. But Most studies usually starting from the perspective of the whole organization, concern teamInnovation as a part of organization innovation system as a whole. This article starts from the analysis of team interactive process behavior, inquires into the dynamic process of team innovation based on mechanism analysis of cognitions and behaviors within team, excavates teaminteractive process variables which have amajor impact on team innovation, then introduces fuzzy integral theory into the analysis and evaluation of team innovation, builds the evaluation index system of teaminnovation capability, proposes out amodified fuzzy integral evaluation method according to uncompletely independent characteristics between evaluation indicators, establishes evaluation model of team innovation capability, finally carrys out an empirical analysis taking enterprise’s new product R&D team as case, thus draws some useful conclusions.

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