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Fuzzy Evaluation Method of Adaptability of Reservoir with CO2 Injection

Author(s): Pang Jin, Lei Guanglun, Liu Hong, Feng Jiangxin, Pan Yu, Yue Yixing

CO2displacement has become animportant technology to enhance the production efficiency of crude oil. Until now, there are no perfectevaluation criteria for the adaptability of reservoir with CO2 injection. Based on the statistical analysis of the existing CO2 injection projects,this paper selected 12 variables which may influence the effect of CO2 displacement and established an evaluation system. Then it utilized the fuzzymathematicalcomprehensive evaluation methodto determine theweight of each indicator andestablish thefuzzy consistentjudgmentmatrix for the reservoir with CO2 injection. The case study shows that thefuzzyidentification methodcould betterassociate various factors, which is conducive to finding the optimal reservoirblock with CO2 injection.

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