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Fuzzy correlation analysis method-based Chinese football development influence factors study

Author(s): Peng Yue

Chinese football is always the focus of sports circles, press circles and even public life discussion, its every move matters to Chinese sports development in all every moment. With respect to this, research on Chinese football development and its position in world football have also become one of Chinese scholars’ main topics. On the basis of analyzing Chinese football excellent players, coaches’ status, as well as “national football” position in world football, the paper firstly utilizes correlation analysis method, by comparing Pearson correlation coefficient sizes, studies on Chinese football development influential numeral factors’ compactness degree with Chinese football position in world football, so that judges reserve talent, coaches’ qualities and fields construction are main influence factors. On the basis of correlation analysis, utilize fuzzy mathematical evaluation method, it evaluates Chinese football development, and then get conclusion: in the evaluation of Chinese football athletes development, reserve talents are most major factors in Chinese football development evaluation. Whether Chinese football can rapidly develop or not is up to teams’ players’ qualities, from which it mainly has numbers of excellent players, players’ cultural qualities, and age structure and so on. But in the purpose of propelling to Chinese football development, it should on the basis of considering players factors, make comprehensive consideration of coaches’ qualities, field construction, management mechanism, cultural level and other factors so as to comprehensive develop Chinese football.

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