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Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method-based regional sports industry layout optimization research

Author(s): Fugao Jiang, Tie Wang

Sports industry includesmaterial and intangible service two aspects. From some extents, sports industry development status represents peopleÂ┬ĺs living standard. Nowadays, China lies in economic adjustment hard time, which propels to sports industry development to conformto economic adjustment direction. Just because the two aspects causes, nation puts emphasis on sports industry development. The paper utilizes fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, takes Beijing, Seoul and Sydney as research objects, and regards China and America as weightsÂ┬ĺ reference objects. Seoul and Sydney are developed countriesÂ┬ĺ cities, the paper aims to look for Chinese sports industry internal structure and developed countriesÂ┬ĺ sports industry internal structure differences, whether Chinese sports industry backward development is caused by regional development unevenness. By data analysis, it gets conclusion that Beijing is the most reasonable city from the three cities in sports industry internal structure. Though Seoul and Sydney lie in developed countries, Beijing industry structure is better than the other two,which shows Chinese sports industry development backward is caused by regional uneven development.

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