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Foreign volunteer service on the long-term mechanism of the national fitness of the volunteer service in China inspiration ---taking Hunan of Changzhutan area as an example

Author(s): Yu Ronghui1, Yangrui2

Today's volunteer service almost become an integral part of every civilized society, volunteer service is its outstanding social benefits brought to the attention more and more countries government and society. Britain, the United States, Japan and other countries because of its volunteer service activities started early, large scale, social benefits so that they are in its domestic has a broad mass base and good social reputation, volunteer service in the domestic formed a set of relatively complete, organized, systematic and standardized operation system and international practice. With the enhancement of comprehensive national strength, the improvement of people's living standards, improve the level of national physical fitness and health is an important symbol of comprehensive national strength and social civilization progress, in 2011, according to the "sports law of the People's Republic of China" in our country, the national fitness ordinance and the actual the national economic and social development, the national fitness plan (2011- 2015), the national fitness in the rise and development of the voluntary service problem is also the focus of attention by the people. Therefore, this paper USES mathematical statistics, literature and logic analysis and other methods combine volunteer service and the national fitness program, learn from foreign successful volunteer service mechanism, through the investigation of hunan provincial governor changzhutan district 500 national fitness volunteers, volunteer service for formulated in accordance with the situation of our country overall fitness a long-term mechanism to lay the foundation.

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Table of Contents

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