Flowsimulation and test analysis of the vortex clarifier tank reaction zone

Author(s): The reaction zone of the vortex coagulation clarifier, Numerical simulation, Experimental.

Field testswere carried out to test the working conditions of vortex clarifier tank reaction zone in the presence or absence of vortex reactors, and both zeta potential analyzer and flocculation control device (FCD) were used to detect æ potential and associated structural changes. Fluent software was then applied to simulate the vortex scale and distribution of water flow in the vortex clarifier tank, in order to obtain detailed information of the flow field within the internal part of reactors.When chemical dosage and water input were held equal, results from field tests and numerical simulations were then compared. The results showed that both field tests and numerical simulations yielded similar results, thus proved the validity of numerical simulations, and provided new perspectives regarding the optimization of reactor design and operating parameters in the future.

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