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Flowelectrochemical determination of 4-nitroaniline transformation in real sample using natural phosphatemodified carbon paste electrode

Author(s): Tarik E.L.Ouafy,Abdelilah Chtaini,HassanOulfajrite,Rachida Najih,Hayat E.L.Ouafy

ACyclic Voltammetry (VC) method for the determination of trace amounts of 4-Nitroaniline (4-NA) at carbon paste electrode modified with natural phosphate (NP-CPE) is proposed. The optimal potential window of wide range from -1V to 1V was selected. The electron transfer kinetics of the NP-CPE in the detection of analyte was determined by the scan rate effect and concentration variation studies. The scan rate effect showed the electrode process is adsorption controlled. The redox peak currents represented a linear dependence on 4- NA concentration from 0.36 mM to 1.81 mM. The results showed that the NP-CPE exhibited excellent electro catalytic activity to 4-NA. This electrochemical sensor shows an excellent performance for detecting 4- NA. The sensor was successfully applied to the determination of 4-NA in a real sample the tap water.

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