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Fast and efficientmethod for reduction of aromatic nitro compounds with promotion of NaBH4/Cu(NO3)2·3H2Oin water as green solvent

Author(s): NishtmanHassanloie, Behzad Zeynizadeh, ShahriarAshuri

Sodium borohydride in the presence of catalytic amounts of Copper (II) nitrate trihydrate reduces a range of aromatic nitro compounds to their corresponding amines in high to excellent yields. all of the Reduction reactions were carried out in H2O as green solvent within 1 - 60 minutes at the tempreture of 40 - 50 C. The method is simple, fast, inexpensive, available, easily scaled - up and Due to the importance of the solvent in chemical reactions, the reaction is green and eco – friendly and it is important in terms of environmental protection.

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