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Factors influencing development of chinese college and university physical education and the countermeasure analysis

Author(s): Suhui Wang

Based on theory of planned behavior, factors that influence physical education in Chinese colleges and universities are analyzed from behavior attitude, subject norm and control on cognitive behavior. Simultaneously, countermeasure to promotion of teaching practice are proposed here in the following aspects: encouraging teacher to form positive attitude toward physical education; strengthening subjective norm; enhancing control to cognitive behavior. From PE teachers’ and schools’ angle, teachers’ altitude and motivation, education background, experience summary and feedback, title appraisal system, management mechanism, self-development, professional identification, teachers’ quality, psychological quality, and excitation system are considered and analyzed in this paper. In terms of countermeasure, it emphasizes on principally on two parts: what can colleges and universities do; and what should a physical education teacher do. Schools can strike up enhancement with giving more attention to teachers’ self-development and set up more optional sports associations. And teachers’ should level up their own professional skills, guide students into healthy exercise, arrange their PE classes scientifically and professionally, and strengthen their teaching quality. Ultimate object of physical education is to help students with the habit and concept of life-long exercise. All aspects discussed in the paper involve this ultimate object.

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