Factor analysis of information asymmetry on pledges of warehouse certificates with the application of the internet of things

Author(s): Sang Xiaojuan, Zhao Min

The problem of asymmetric information is the bottleneck of development of pledges of warehouse certificates business, along with the information technique especially the development of the Internet of Things, the establishment of information sharing platform in order to improve the information asymmetry problem become possible. Study on the influence factors to construct the system information is the premise of constructing information sharing platform. I have designed a perception questionnaire named asymmetry information about pledges of warehouse certificates based on the literature analysis and expert investigation, then requested the persons who are engaged in banks, warehousing enterprises, financing enterprises and related scientific research which are about pledges of warehouse certificates to fill in. The paper researches the factors that cause asymmetry information in the process of pledges of warehouse certificates business with the use of exploratory factor analysis on collecting questionnaires. The research shows, the information related pledges of warehouse certificates from financing of enterprises, pledged goods, administrative agencies, and other warehouse receipt pledge business social agencies are the factors which cause information asymmetry in the process of pledges of warehouse certificates business.

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