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External curative effect of fresh aloe juice on traumatic blood stasis rat model

Author(s): Mingsan Miao, Lin Guo,Weiyun Xin

To verify fresh Aloe juice external use for treatment of blood stasis. Through the measurement of rat limb symptoms integral and perimeter,through the measurement of blood rheology examination and injury of rat limb soft tissue pathology observation, to observe the effect of topical external injury and blood stasis of fresh aloe juice. Compared with model group,large dose group of aloe right hind legs of rats injury symptoms integral decreased significantly (P<0.01), small dose group of aloe rats right hind legs injury symptoms integral was obviously lower (P< 0.05); Compared with before modeling,in the 2th, 3th, 4th, 5th days,all aloe dose group of rats with right hind legs perimeter difference were significantly decreased (P<0.01);large dose group of aloe can significantly reduce all the indexes of hemorheology (P<0.01); small dose group of aloe can significantly decrease whole blood viscosity, HCT, whole blood high shear viscosity,whole blood reduction relative viscosity index (P<0.01), and can obviously reduce the blood viscosity, whole blood low shear reduction viscosity, IR, EAT, whole blood high shear relative viscosity index (P< 0.05); all aloe dose group can significantly improve animal pathological tissue damage (P <0.01). Fresh aloe juice has a good treatment on traumatic blood stasis.

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