Expression, Clinical significance and correlation of survivin and p53 in breast cancer

Author(s): Wang Yu-qian, Zhang Hai-hong, Wang Peng, Yu Xiang-hui, Kong Wei, Cong Xian-ling

Objective The aimof this study was to investigate the clinical significance and correlation between auto-antibodies to survivin and protein-expression to p53 in breast cancer. Methods Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was used to examine the level of auto-antibodies against survivin in the serum of 92 breast cancer patients. The expression of p53 was evaluated by SP immunohistochemical staining technique. Results The positive rates of survivin auto-antibody and p53 protein-expression in breast cancer were 15% and 34.78%. Survivin antibody and p53 overexpression in patients are closely related with lymph node metastasis of breast cancer. Conclusion Combined detection of p53 expression and survivin auto-antibody are valuable to estimation of prognosis and treatment of breast cancer.

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