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Exploring the scale application of the IOT in Intelligent Logistics

Author(s): Ding Sun

This study mainly discussed the basic definition of Internet of Things (IOT), intelligent logistics as well as the developing process of IOT technology; with the rapid development and extensive application of IOT technology, especially the wider application of IOT technology in the field of logistics, intelligent logistics has been developing rapidly in the support of IOT technology. Since there is less research and discussion on the intelligent logistics at present, the intelligent logistics is in its early stage of development and requires government's strong guidance and support. Unlike traditional logistics mode, Ecommerce logistics is the resource integration of E-commerce and logistics, and it has developed for ten years in China. There are currently three basic mode of e-commerce. In this study, the two of the most popular B2B and C2C mode were chosen as the object of study to research the service quality evaluation. B2B model is the business-to-business and in this mode, we mainly study the enterprise e-commerce logistics; C2C model is consumer to consumer and in this mode, the content of our research is retail e-commerce, or online shopping logistics. In this study, we mainly researched the generality and characteristics of the above two service modes and designed the assessment index system of E-commerce Logistics, and finally constructed service quality evaluation index system in both modes. Exploring the application and practice in this study provided a strong technical support for the application of IOT in intelligent logistics.

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