Explore of the college ideological instructionteaching model based on the concept of modern ecological thinking

Author(s): Zhenming Zhang

Today, the environmental degradation was increasingly serious and natural ecological crisis highlights, so the ecological construction becomes the consensus and choice of human naturally. In the process of development of ecology, modern ecological thinking philosophy will gradually develop into a new way of thinking ideas and thinking. And this kind of thinking ideas and ways of thinking can be applied to the social sciences field from natural disciplines, which can address the problems during social development. Because of the integrity, equality, coordination, symbiosis and other characteristics of ecological thinking, which emphasizing the thinking of the process and the unity of values thinking and dialectical thinking, it have therefore attracted people of all ages. The problems among the ideological and political education can be solved by the way of modern ecological thinking concepts involved it. And this intervention was in line with the modern implication of the development of ecological theory, which has the natural coupling and the inherent unity with the reality basis of ideological and political education. This requires the application of ecological methods that systems view, the overall outlook and balance concept to study the ideological and political education by establishing classroom ecology, establish a new classroom ecological awareness and building ecological classroom-teaching mode with practice characteristics to achieve the construction of the ideological and political education colleges model. Of course, this kind of teaching model or model construction is not mature with the inevitable presence of falsehood; further research needs to be done to make perfect or improvement.

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