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Exploration of the influences of computer technology application in art design

Author(s): Xiang Zhang

After entering into 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology, computer technology has made an extremely huge achievement. It has been integrated into all fields of industries and all fields employ gradually its unique characteristics to improve traditional skills. Computer technology is improving the system of art design, but the problems brought by the process should be fully cognized to serve art design by effectively taking advantage of if, which is important to both of them. Beginning with the features of computer technology, the thesis introduces how it plays the largest role in art design and studies a series of problems encountered by modern art design after the computer technology getting involved. For instance, designers should firstly grasp how to make use of computer design software, and once designers rely on the software too much, it is very easy for them to scrape others’ designing works together aimlessly, lacking of artistry and creative imagination. Some designers are penny-wise and pound-foolish. They only pay attention to learn how to use computer software without imagination. The paper also tells apart traditional art design from computer technology and then analyzes the influences and problems of computer technology application in art design.

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