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Exploration and research on tourism data integration facing the construction of wisdom tourism information system

Author(s): Guangrong Liu

The construction of wisdom tourism information system reflects the specification and humanization of the collection and integration of tourism information, thus making the processing and digging of tourism data gradually realize digitization. With the fast development of society, tourism objects are becoming more and more demanding in the feasibility of tourism activities. Accordingly, the integration and the processing of tourism data need strengthening. As regards this aspect, there is no doubt that data collection and reduction need constant improvement, so as to increase the ability of comprehensive analysis on data. Under such circumstance, the objectivity reflected by tourism data can be fully embodied. Based on the positive exploration of the construction of wisdom tourism information system, the research is engaged in practice with the integration of tourism data in Daqing. Then a solid foundation of practice and theory is laid for the writing of this paper. Above all, the research can be more reasonable and scientific

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Table of Contents

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