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Exploration and research on melody detection technology on the basis of music cognitive principles

Author(s): Yuan Liu

For human beings, as one of the most important advanced cognitive functions, music cognition is also relevant to the acquired learning and the surroundings, in addition to basis of the congenital and phyla evolution. As music cognition pertains to a more complicated and multifarious cognitive system with more systems and components, which is closely connected with one another at its frontal lobe, parietal lobe and occipital lobe and so on, depending on man’s whole cortex network. Moreover, as a historical art, music is closely related to people’s inner feelings. As a matter of fact, it is an experience which combines people’s various moods and emotions. Meanwhile, one of the primary techniques to express the theme of music is to get melodies applied. Therefore, as for research and analysis on melodies, it is a significant task to do research on and analyze music information retrieval. By sketching out music cognitive and music tension, this essay introduced the idea of auditory significant degree and put forward the exploration and research on melody detection technology on the basis of music cognitive principles, according to the correlational research achievements on the characteristics of music perception of brain nerve science and cognitive psychology By analyzing the earlier stage processing and after-treatment as well as aiming to carry out research and analysis on the unique features of music, this essay managed to made closeness degree of music cognition verified.

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