Experimental study on the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from low C/N ration domestic sewage

Author(s): Tie-Hong Song, Kun Zhang, Xiao-Ling Wang

Using the domestic sewage disposed in the wastewater treatment plant in the southern suburbs of Changchun in Jilin province, China as the subjects, adopt SBR reactor respectively to take an experimental study on nitrogen and phosphorus removal at the low C/N condition. These results suggest, under the same hydraulic retention time, the effect is better on nitrogen and phosphorus removal of SBR reactor with the hydraulic retention time for 6h; solid retention time (SRT) and C/N ration have little effect on removal of COD in SBR reactor and COD removal rate is about 80% under all kinds of conditions; recommended the most suitable SRT of SBR reactor for 20d; the larger C/N ratio is, the higher TN removal rate of SBR reactor is, at optimumPH value is between 4~6.

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