Experimental study on oilstone abrasive for superalloy deep-hole honing

Author(s): Lin Zhu, Yan Chen, Wei Huang

Superalloy has excellent high temperature strength, thermal stability and thermal fatigue resistance, it can withstand the complex stress and operate securely for long-term. Thismaterial is suitable to be applied in aeronautics, astronautics and petrochemical industry. However its high hardness and mechanical strength bring great difficulty in machining, which is particularly outstanding in deep hole honing. This article has analyzed the cutting performance and the machinability of 8 kinds of oilstones by deephole honing nickel-base superalloy inconel718, the experimental result shows: using medium hardness oilstone which contained 30% ceramic corundum as the abrasive, the honing efficiency and grinding ratio are both higher than other abrasives.

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