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Experimental study on infiltrating track and field training into tennis training

Author(s): Feng Zhao

As comprehensive national power of China improves constantly and economy develops rapidly, industries of China connects to the world gradually; education plays a role of vanguard among all industries,. Through communication with advanced foreign education ideas, people realized that health was a fundamental element which determined the level of living. Physical and health education was conducted and social idea of "Health First" was accepted by the public gradually. Five teaching goals were put forward in college education: sports participation, sports skills, physical health, psychological health and social adjustment. The idea of "exercise and get benefit for the whole life" was set up. It is a subjective rule that physical exercise and track and field training can not be separated. Since students are particularly interested in special sports trainings, it is practical to infiltrate track and field training into tennis training. Present track and field training is not athletic training with track and field competition as its core element; it is a fundamental exercise which relates to special sports training closely. There are reforms and innovations in infiltrating track and field training which is not simple, boring or uninteresting anymore, it is vivid, interesting and popular training for students now. Many students were fond of track and field training without knowing it; some students even became the enthusiasts of track and field sports which will benefit them for a lifetime. Through experimental study on infiltrating track and field training into tennis training, it was proved that track and field training can not only inspire students' interests on physical exercise, but also will promote ability of mastering sports skills and improve practical sports capabilities.

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