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Experimental research into the influence of morida officinalis how polysaccharide on the rats’ capability of having sports

Author(s): Li Jing

Purpose of the research: to discuss the influence of Morida Officinalis How Polysaccharide on rats’ capability of having sports and metabolism of free radicals of heart muscle. Method: ICR male rats are used as subjects in this research; the swimming training and swimming-until fatigue-of the rats that are supplied with Morida Officinalis How Polysaccharide are increasing, the duration of the rats’ swimming until fatigue, serum GOT, CK, Hb, whole blood LD, heart muscle tissue SOD and GSH-Px activity, MDA content are measured to observe the influence of Morida Officinalis How Polysaccharide on the ICR male rats’ capability of having sports. Results: The ICR rats from the drug-taking group have their capabilities of having sports significantly improved; immediately after fatigue, the decrement of Hb and the increment of serum GOT and CK, whole blood LD, heart muscle MDA of the drug-taking group are significant; the GSH-Px activity of the drug quiet group is significantly higher than that of the quiet control group. Conclusion: Morida Officinalis How Polysaccharide may significantly improve the ICR rats’ capability of having sports and the heart muscles’ capabilities of resisting the oxidation by free radicals, and Morida Officinalis How Polysaccharide’s pharmacological actions shall be deeply developed and utilized

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