Experimental and modelling studies of cinnamaldehyde extraction from cinnamon species by steam distillation

Author(s): N.Sree Satya, Anil Kumar Juvvi, D.V.Surya Prakash, Meena Vangalapati

Cinnamaldehyde is the main compound in Cinnamon species. This bio active compound has multi functional medicinal properties such as antipyretic, astringent, antibacterial and Cytotoxic effect. The objectives of this work were extraction of Cinnamaldehyde fromCinnamon species and to develop a modelling equation to quantitatively describe the extraction phenomena. The extractionwas carried out by employing various organic solvents using Steam Distillation method for 90,000 seconds. Methanol was found to be the best solvent for the extraction of Cinnamaldehyde fromCinnamon species. Steamdistillation was carried out usingmethanol at different extraction times to verify the mathematicalmodel proposed in this work. The final form of the proposed models were Es = 1.44 (1 - e- 0.01655t) for Cinnamaldehyde where Es = yield extract (grams of Cinnamaldehyde per gram of dried sample) and t = extraction time (min) and Es = 0.4 (1 - e-0.0224t) for Total phenolic content where Es = yield extract (mg of Total phenolic content per gramof dried sample) and t = extraction time (min). Themodel showed good agreement with the experimental data by generatingAverage absolute relative deviation (AARD) of about 0.8217 ± 50.738% for Cinnamaldehyde and 0.2748 ± 25.11% for Total phenolic content.

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