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Excel and mathematical statistics-based students' physical health status evaluation model research

Author(s): Lijuan Ma

In order to establish student’s body health status evaluation model, the paper firstly explains use 1000m (or 800m) race,Medicine ball throwing, standing long jump the three event can comprehensive test students’ endurance, armpower, explosive power, lung capacity and body flexibility and coordination from physiological perspective, so use the three sports event to measure students’ physical quality is proper. Then according to regional differences, randomly selects ten representative schools to analyze, use Excel to solve each school boy students and girl students each event test performance, use samples average value and samples variance to analyze, it gets each school each event test performance. In the following, select each school each test itemboy students’ test performance to establish single factor variance analysis model. Establish null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis; apply statistics to carry out variance test. Finally analyze and handle with given data, apply Excel fitting functions to predict boy students each item’s physical ability test performance in future years, and gives out relative measures and suggestions that can strengthen students’ physical ability

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