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Evolution of Volatile Compounds Generated During One-Stage and Two-Stage Fermentation and Aging Processes of Banana Vinegars Using HS-SPME-GC-MS

Author(s): Wilawan Boonsupa, Sumonwan Chumchuere and Monrudee Chaovarat

Volatile compounds generated during one-stage and two-stage fermentation and aging processes of banana vinegars were determined using headspace/gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis. A total of 35 volatile compounds were detected in the one-stage fermented banana vinegars with acetic acid and 1-butanol (2, 2 dimethyl) produced at high levels, while a two-stage fermentation process yielded a total of 48 volatile compounds with acetic acid and benzeneethanol detected abundantly. During a 100-days aging process, acetic acid and butanoic acid (3-methyl) were detected at high levels in the one-stage fermented vinegars while the two-stage fermented vinegars contained abundant amounts of acetic acid, benzeneethanol and acetoin.

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