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Evaluation on the meaning and value of applying data mining algorithm to bank financial products marketing

Author(s): Shan Zhao

Nowadays, more and more financial institutions are delving into the application of data warehouse and data mining techniques to bank financial products marketing. It has been a research hotspot in the financial sector of China. Currently, relevant research mainly focuses on data mining techniques and algorithm as well as on establishment of customer relationship management system. As a new research hotspot in database field, the data mining technique combines traditional data analysis technique with complex algorithm which processes big data. Meanwhile, it explores and analyzes new data type, as well as processing old date type with new methods. After elaboration on the background of data mining techniques, this paper discusses major analysis techniques concerning data mining and explains the most common algorithms. Finally, the application area and future trend of data mining techniques is also pointed out. Meanwhile, great attention should be paid to mechanism security and improvement of marketing resources allocation mechanism. Besides, marketing resources allocation for the individual should also be well arranged. Marketing system is to be positioned in a mechanism for exploitation and analysis of as well as response to customer demands. Moreover, the system should deal with the authority-responsibility relationship at all levels on scientific and reasonable basis. This paper focuses on evaluation on the meaning and value of applying data mining algorithm to bank financial products marketing. Meanwhile, a design plan for the marketing system of bank financial products is put forward with an effective mining algorithm of negative association rules employed innovatively.

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