Evaluation of safety of water resource in Henan province and safeguard measures

Author(s): Fei Xue

Water resource is distributed unevenly in Henan province both chronologically and spatially with inadequate storage, increasingly high demand, low utilization degree, large consumption and severe pollution. This paper is mainly to solve the problems on water resources security guarantee mechanism. The significance of solving such problems is to alleviate the insufficient situation of supply and demand of water resources in Henan province. The core innovation is to evaluate the safety status of water resource in Henan province. Compared with previous work, the research adopts the methodology of fussy comprehensive evaluation and the results show that water resource in Henan province is unsafe. Hence, reasonable safeguarding system for water resource shall be established on the basis of agricultural and industrial development, urban construction and industrial restructuring to develop water saving technology, adjust industrial structure, ease water pollution, increase water storage and protect water quality

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