Evaluation of regional carbon efficiency based on dea-vrs model- a case study of china’s 30 provinces

Author(s): Xuehua Zhang, Wenying Liu, Xiang Li, Baoan Zhang

In order to increase comparability among different regions, DEA-VRS model is applied to evaluate regional carbon efficiency. The innovation of this paper is selected relative amount input and output index to ensure the comparison objectively. The input indicators relevant to urbanization, the proportion of R & D and environmental investment, per capita road area and green area, green coverage rate, as well as the propitiation of tertiary industry, employees and high energy consumption industries. The output indicators relative to population, GDP and per capita disposable income of every one carbon emissions. Then 30 provinces from 2001 to 2011 are selected as case to be evaluated with the results that the overall efficiency of the cases upward after the first fall and the proportion of environmental protection investment, R&D investment and high energy consumption industry are main factors restricting carbon efficiency improved.

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