Evaluation model development of dance inquiry learning based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process

Author(s): Lu Liu, Yongbing Chen

Under the guidance of the spirit of the new curriculum standards, this research establishes a dance inquiry learning evaluationmodel in order to adapt to the quality-oriented education reform for dance teaching. This model conducts evaluation of students’ dance inquiry learning situation from the following three aspects: dance quality, dance performance and dance development and builds a three-layer hierarchical structure. The weights of each layer indexes and the combination weights of the bottom layer indexes can be determined by constructing a fuzzy consistentmatrix, and then the value of general index calculated by combination weights reflects the pros and cons of students’ dance inquiry learning. This evaluation model is used for comprehensive evaluation of four dance majors and the evaluation result is rational and reasonable, demonstrating that this evaluation system is appropriate for dance inquiry learning evaluation. This evaluation model makes up for the disadvantages of dance inquiry learning evaluation under the condition of quality-oriented education reform.

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