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Establishment of rural tourism and new rural construction coupling degree evaluation model based on the capacity coupling concept and capacity coupling coefficient model

Author(s): Chuan Duan

The value of capacity coupling coefficient model lies in that it can fully embody the relevance existing between different systems and degree of influence. And there is a close relationship and certain effect between rural tourism and new rural construction. In the process of the study, firstly, the establishment of index system has been discussed and studied, from which to determine the basic principles of index selection. At the same time, the process of building index system has been more scientifically selected, making the evaluation index more representative and strong scientific. After that specific selection process has been carried out aiming at index weight method in order to make the calculation way of index weight more clearly, and reflecting the specific interaction influence existed between rural tourism and new rural construction clearly. The last part is the research on the establishment of the rural tourism and new rural construction coupling degree evaluation model from three aspects such as the efficiency factor, coupling degree function and coupling coordination degree function, having laid a solid foundation for the scientific growing of model construction. This is the main idea of this subject, and the specific objective of the study can be also seen, and reflecting the main contents of the study. So the study has a strong science and rationality.

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Table of Contents

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