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Establishment of PDPC in the sudden accidents emergency mechanism of the colleges and universities

Author(s): Shuqin Zheng, Yanru Wang

PDPC has a positive role in enhancing the capacity of emergency management of sudden accidents in the colleges and universities. From the perspective of emergency management construction, this paper conducts effective analysis on factors generated by sudden accidents in the colleges and universities, integrates information resources according to the specific situation existing in the sudden accidents correspondingly and constructs on the basis of constitute factors in their emergency plans. It makes the means and methods of emergency have strong comprehensiveness, be able to build an emergency mechanism with diversified construction idea and thus to meet the practical needs of emergency management of sudden accidents in the colleges and universities. During the research and discussion process, this study mainly conducts corresponding research on dynamic processing and analysis process of sudden accidents in the colleges and universities, makes effective construction on decision-making model, thus to make the establishment process of the emergency mechanism more scientific. Besides, in order to get the effective verification on emergency mechanism establishment in the practice process, effective discussion on management methods of emergency mechanism in the practice process also be conducted. Finally, this paper does effective construction on normal management mechanism of sudden accidents in the colleges and universities, public opinions handling mechanism, group decision-making mechanism and other relevant aspects to achieve the ultimate goal of improvement and science in the research process. It is not only the main idea of this research, but also fully embodies the main idea and ultimate goal of the research.

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